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Welcome to our website. Our Library Media Center's website serves as an access point to information for teachers, students, and parents at Highland Home.

Welcome to the

Squadron Library Media Center






Library Media Links - Students, Parents, and Teachers

Accelerated Reader

Professional Resources

Teaching Pre K - 8:  Professional Development and Classroom Activities for Teachers

Education Week

The Journal of Effective Teaching

Edutopia: What Works in Public Education

Teacher Magazine

PBS Teacherline


Inspiring Teachers: Empowering Educators Around the World

Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication, and Falsification

E-school News

Research Tools for Students and Teachers

Alabama Virtual Library

APA  (Purdue University, 2008)

MLA (Purdue University, 2008)

Citation Software

Avoiding Plagiarism


Plagiarism Free Self Checkers for Students

Article Checker 


Other Information and Links

Library Media Journals and Articles

Scholastic (2008).  School Libraries Work!   Danbury, Conn: Scholastic Library Publishing.

American Library Association - School Library Media Research 

American Library Association - American Association of School Libraries

National Center for Educational Statistics

Collaborative Lesson Planning

Rubistar - Rubric Builder for Assessments



Learning Theories for Lesson Plan Development

Developmental Theories for Lesson Planning

  • The Theories

                   -Learning and Teaching  

Motivational Theories for Lesson Planning







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Note to teachers - ACOS for ALL SUBJECTS can be found by clicking ALEX link below. 


Alabama  Virtual Library: Connecting You to a World of Knowledge

 America's Library        

Alabama Learning Exchange

                                                         Alabama Public Television





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